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2of a Kind


Wait for an entry on Sisters_Royale for more/official info
1st-Dec-2010 05:46 pm - Form for Sisters Royale
2of a Kind


How have you made your tribute to Me, Your Highness?

.......NF Payment .......Wishlist Item .......Giftcard .......Green dot Code......PayPal...Other

(Your opening tribute can be considered your first impression to me and

thusly sets the tone for how things proceed.)



Your Name:


Your Email Address:


Your Yahoo ID:






Monthly NET Income:



Do you own a webcam?


What are your fetishes?(Dont you DARE say just about anything. Use your words.)


What type of sessions do you Enjoy?Voice IM Video IRL , etc. What was your favorite session?What was your worst?



Do you have previous slave experience?


In what ways do you plan to serve me?What do you have to offer? ( If you right "any way possible " without explaining in details your application with be automatically declined.)


What is your Livejournal UserName?


Post on my newest entry of Mine at LJ's community, sisters_royale.with at least 1 paragraph as to why you adore your Princess.





All information given above was given to me of your free will. The above information is privy only to myself

though photos become my property and may be posted on my blog should you be so lucky. Additionally,

should you be suitable to the job - you fully understand that you are here to Obey Me, Amuse Me

, spoil Me, worship Me and suffer through with a smile what ever smelly boot gets thrown your way ^_~

You are fully aware that you are required to make a bare min tribute to me once per monthly . If I feel you

are unable to measure up to the duties and services you offer I will not hesitate to dismiss you from my Court.



21st-Oct-2010 08:57 pm - Voice Post
2of a Kind
142K 0:49
(no transcription available)

Stickie Stuck Maids in a Bind.PT 1 of 2
PART ONE - (Yes, it has sound. ) Whats this? Whats going on?! Your precious Princesses have a range of cards up their sleeves for luring in you stupid boys. Watch as we whimper and squirm – stuck in some unidentifiable goo. Our shiny patent high heels are smudged and stickie – so much that when we finally escape it gets all over our stockings and delicate finger tips...Coated and slick our feet slide around the tile – we can barely stand without holding onto one another tightly. Empty your load and wallets and make your bets on if we girls escape our slimy predicament . Oh, by the end we will have you believing we are as sweet and defenseless as new born kittens... Nothing is beyond your Highnesses capabilities. Youll have to wait until November 1st for Part 2...

Price: $8.99 USD
Length: 9 minutes

245K 1:27
(no transcription available)
18th-Oct-2010 02:17 pm - Voice Post
2of a Kind
A phone entry for the piggies at http://community.livejournal.com/sisters_royale/
If your not of the submissive blood dont bother listening to this.

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(no transcription available)
15th-Oct-2010 12:19 am(no subject)

So :iconchasity6noel: & I are embarking upon a fun little project and if your of the hardcore fetish minds you should follow that watermarked link right on over to it( there is a . in the url ^_^ [link] ) ...but for those of you not of a submissive blood Do ignore it and focus on the pretty picture! lol
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